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We The People
Liberty Celebration

is non-partisan, non-sectarian, for people united in consensus around the legacy of our Founding Fathers' fight for Liberty and keeping it alive in our hearts through Celebration. 

Our Vision:

People with hearts transformed by Liberty Celebration throughout the nations.

Our Mission:

A reunion of present perspectives with past patriotism for future families, celebrating our origins, heritage and liberty.

Who can get involved in Liberty Celebrations?

We The People is all persons around the world who support and have in their heart the Liberty Celebration vision and mission. WTPLC invites you to join in the We The People Liberty Celebration! 


Liberty according to this nation's Founding Fathers continues to be about freedom from tyranny and oppression. Thomas Jefferson said it best: "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within the limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others." 


Celebration - we all know how to celebrate! WTPLC wants to encourage Liberty Celebration in your heart and in the hearts of We The People occurs 24/7/365! 

We The People Liberty Celebration
Site Registration

Memorial Day- July 4

American Family Reunion
July 1 - July 4

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You can choose to get periodic information about our events, merchandise, and more. 



Liberty Celebration

where We the People

turn everything-

red, white and blue

in celebration of our Liberty.

A four-day
Liberty Celebration
when Americans everywhere
reunite in celebration of Liberty.
At city, county, state, national levels.

July 1 City Celebration

July 2 County Celebration

July 3 State Celebration

July 4 Nation(s) Celebration

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