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We The People Liberty Celebration

Welcome You
to Our Site

We are so glad you found this site and are exploring what We The People Liberty Celebration is about.


In our world today, people celebrate their differences more than what they have in common, and more than the gifts we have been given.

We The People Liberty Celebration wants to create for you and We The People, a continuous celebration of a common gift all of us share - freedom. And Liberty Celebration is what we call these various festivities.

The creators of this site offer all the information here to help you understand the joy of liberty and to participate in or organize celebrations for liberty.

Please continue exploring our site, sign our guest book and join us in Liberty Celebration!

Links under About, in the menu at the top of each page, lead to our beliefs in the 5 Grace Gifts, answers questions, a way to contact us and our privacy policies. 

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