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We The People cherish things that we celebrate and celebrate thing we cherish. WTPLC believes Liberty is something to be encouraged, cultivated, and preserved for We The People.

Listed below are the ways we support Liberty Celebration!


Liberty Celebration Caravan

WTPLC is visiting each state capital city with the Liberty Bell, George Washington, and more to proclaim Liberty Celebration. As we travel from state to state, we will also make stops at towns and roadside venues, as well as host stadium events in some larger cities. Click the button below to find out when and where the Liberty Celebration Caravan will be near you!



Each year from Memorial Day through July 4th, WTPLC is declaring FREEDOM SEASON. Break out your red, white, and blue to adorn your home, office, store, park, or wherever you fancy to join the weeks long Liberty Celebration season honoring our Origins, our Heritage, and our Liberty. Click the button below to browse decorations you can own for your home or business to preserve Liberty Celebrations for future generations!

Happy Family

American Family Reunion

There is no better way we can honor our Origins, our Heritage and our Liberty than with family! Plan to have a family reunion between July 1st and July 4th each year. Our Founding Fathers knew family values and relationships were important for a strong Constitutional Republic foundation and for the preservation of Liberty. Check out some ideas for family reunion themes and activities by clicking the button below!

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