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About Me.


  • is a national organization for every generation. 

  • is for principled people of virtue (identity, character, and integrity) even though they may have differing opinions as did the men that convened in Philadelphia in 1776.

  • is people united in consensus around keeping true patriotism alive in our hearts for every generation. 

  • is synonymous to the intentions of true patriotism of our Founding Fathers.

Patriotism Now


  • when George Washington said “Raise up a standard to which the wise and honest can repair, the rest is in the hands of God.”

  • when the word Patriot was understood to be from the Greek word meaning Father.

  • when the Founding Fathers intended their efforts and funds invested to secure our country’s liberty would be in the hands of good stewards of our heritage. 

  • when men of principled character and integrity in true patriotism, united in consensus for our original liberty and unanimously agreed on the Declaration of Independence such that the people of this country would carry on their patriotism. 

  • when true patriotism embodied in word and deedwas directed at maintaining and celebrating liberty by the God-given natural and moral laws for all people..


  • rooted in the spirit of 1776 when 13 original colonies were able to unite for a common purpose.

  • rooted for generations to come, our Liberty in the Declaration of Independence as a reflection of our Founding Fathers virtues.

  • rooted in the formation of our Constitutional Republic (with good overcoming evil) which has established the standard for American families as the roadway to our liberty destination and legacy to future generations.

  • rooted and today represented by 13 words forming the acronym PATRIOTISM NOW as a standard of true patriotism for principled people wanting to continue our Founding Fathers’ legacy for each generation to come.


  • through perpetuating our American family legacy for now and future generations.

  • through service  encouraging and enlisting others to participate in the We The People Liberty Celebration family events.

  • through making the We The People Liberty Celebration the defining standard tradition of maintaining and celebrating our Liberty 24/7/365 through patriotic proclamations and deeds.

  • through utilizing the daily tool of The American Heritage Calendar, the annual National tools of FREEDOM SEASON (Memorial Day – July 4th) and The American Family Reunion (July 1 – July4).

  • through membership in PATRIOTISM NOW known as People [living] Authentic Truth [as] Relational, Inspired, Objective Thinkers, Inter-dependent [and] Self-reliant [as] Magnanimous, Necessary, Outspoken Witnesses [of liberty celebration].

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